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My 4 month old puppy’s morning routine for the past week or so has been as follows:

6:00ish: wake up, stare at me (in bed) from his crate and woof quietly until I wake up 6:05ish: backyard to relieve himself 6:10: breakfast 6:20: outside to poo 6:30-7…7:30: psychotic zoomies + teething biting at anything but his teething toys 7/7:30: post-zoomies cuddles with me on the couch while my mum has breakfast

My parents and I have tried taking him for a walk at the poo stage to avoid psychotic zoomies. We usually get about one house along the road before he refuses to budge. (Also, any tips on that? He’ll happily walk if we drive him away from home, but sometimes refuses to walk away from our house esp if the weather isn’t the best).

Today he a) woke up at 6:15 (a record!) AND b) skipped the zoomies and went straight to cuddles. I couldn’t be happier than to be on the couch with him without being exhausted from getting him to calm down. I imagine it’s because his teething pain is better, poor boy has been in agony the past few days even with frozen toys and ice.

Here’s hoping this is the new normal…

PS puppy tax :one normal + his sleeping position on me as I write this

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