Newly adopted dog and joint pain [help]

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Hey everyone

I recently adopted a 16 month old whippet named Harlow. I have been informed by the person I adopted him from that he has been getting very vigorous exercise from about 4-5 months of age. He had fallen in love with tennis balls and from 5 months old they would play for sometimes upwards of an hour and he would be chasing the ball far and fast constantly. He was also taken on hikes and would jump in and out of cars and do other high impact activities.

From everything I've read for the first 14-24 months of a dogs life they should be avoiding high impact activities and exercise. I would like to ask if this could have caused any permanent or future damage to his joints, if he would be more susceptible to arthritis in the future now and if theres anything I can start doing now to help avoid this?

I've heard of glucosamine supplements and that they may or may not help with this, would it be worth starting him on supplements? Is he too young to start them? Would it even help?

Thanks any and all help is very appreciated!

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