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We just got a new rescue dog this weekend. She is a 6 year old former street dog from Thailand. Our current dog is a 2 year old dog from Thailand (never lived on the streets, we essentially got her as a puppy). The new dog walked really well with our current dog, so we ended up picking her. The new dog is also a lot more outgoing than our current dog so we are thinking her confidence can help our current dog, who can be pretty shy at times. They rode home in the car together fine .

Now that are we at home, the new dog has shown some resource guarding traits. She's bared her teeth at my dog while we are eating, she's lunged at her when she comes into the room and bared her teeth when we are giving them both pets at the same time. I'm thinking we might have pushed her too hard too fast, since it's clear that she's never been in an indoor environment so she's being defensive. After a day and realizing we went too fast, we implemented the two week shutdown protocol except we are taking them on walks together because they walk well together and I want them to bond.

I guess what I'm looking for is words of encouragement and advice. We've been fostering different dogs since March and this is the first dog we've brought home that has been aggressive toward my dog. It makes me worried because we officially adopted her and I really want to make it work. Our intention of getting a second dog is to have company for our current dog because she absolutely loves other dogs. Earlier this year, we had fostered a cat that ended up getting territorial for my husband and I's affection. The cat ended up attacking my dog. I had to break up a violent fight between the cat and my dog and ended up in the hospital from the incident. Needless to say I have some PTSD and seeing the new dog be aggressive to my dog is putting me on edge.

Does anyone have any words of advice or encouragement? Thank you!

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