New puppy owner, need potty training tips and tricks!

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My family adopted a 3 month old German Shorthair Pointer mix, and she's proving to be a handful. The hardest thing right now is potty training. The other day she peed at least 8 times inside the house, even though we take her out. Water goes right through her. Poop accidents are far less frequent. We take her out like 10-15 minutes after she eats, and she usually goes. When she does go, we reward her on the spot with a treat. We think she's kind of getting it, but the pee accidents are persistent. I also wanted to know if limiting her water intake before bedtime is okay, since she's had accidents in her pen. We also have potty pads, which she sometimes uses, but not always, especially with all of the accidents. Please offer your advice, are we doing the right things? Is there anything else we could do?

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