New puppy, old dog – how to make the transition smooth?

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Hi all! We just got a new golden puppy and are in the process of getting our 9 year old Rottweiler mix used to her. Introduction went super well, Puppy was a little nervous and Old Gal was excited and kept trying to play (but didn’t understand why the puppy wouldn’t play back lol she is just too tiny).

So far, things are going well, Old Gal is slightly less interested now that the puppy isn’t a shiny new thing and she still can’t quite play yet. Puppy hasn’t been too up in her face just yet, but did playfully bite Old Gal’s tail which made her growl just a little (nothing loud or scary, just a quick, quiet “heeyyyyy, please don’t do that”).

Just wondering if anyone has experience/advice on how to keep things going well? I’d like them to be a little more bonded at some point but I realize that takes time. I am a little paranoid about Old Gal somehow getting her wires crossed at the Puppy, but this is probably just my own anxiety and not a reflection of reality. Old Gal is incredibly dog friendly and has never bit another dog, especially not a smaller one, but I know puppies can cross boundaries and I just want to do all I can to make sure we are doing right by both dogs. Any thoughts/tips would be great! Thanks!

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