New Puppy needs help and ignores treats

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We just got a new puppy, about four and a half months old. She's only been with us for a few days, but things have been very difficult and we are desperate for help.

First off, she has trouble socializing with us, she grew up on a farm with a lot of other dogs and not a lot of people.

We want to try basic reward recognition by just giving her a treat and giving her a mark word, but she refused to eat anything from our hands. She will eat the treat, but only if we set it down and walk away then several minutes pass before she'll touch it.

We've tried skimping on her food to work up her appetite but then she just howls and barks. And she doesn't even seem to enjoy petting, she's not actively against us touching her, but she's clearly non-responsive to us.

We're desperate for help and we'll take anything you can offer.

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