New puppy has parasites. I’m very overwhelmed

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Hi all- new here but found this hoping to get some help. And sorry for the wall of text.

We got an 8 week labradoodle about 4 days ago (context: we have had dogs, and recently had our 14 year old cockapoo pass. It’s been a while since we have had a puppy around).

When we got the puppy, the breeder shared with us the vet exam, shot records, etc. The exam she got (from a legit vet) said she was very healthy and looked great and the exam happened the day we picked her up.

When we took her to our vet, we were informed she was VERY underweight and likely has parasites/worms. They tested and she has worms, and they gave her the first dose yesterday. We called the breeder to let her know and she told us to not give the puppy medicine because it’s normal for dogs to get giardia, etc! She also gave us some really strange “medical opinions” that made me really uncomfortable.

He stool had been soft the first day we had her, but now it’s all liquid/mucous. She can’t hold it very long, like we are talking 30-45 minutes. We have been managing, but last night took a toll. She cried all night, and even our best attempts to catch it, she still had many accidents and got So much feces on her we had to bathe her multiple times and clean out her bed/crate. We are using puppy pads in the interim to try to help cleanup, but it just gets everywhere.

Sorry if this is rambling, I didn’t sleep much last night and I’m stressed. I guess my main question is how to get through the night with our puppy having constant, liquid vowel movements?

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