New Puppy Doesn’t Whine Or Cry To Use Restroom Anymore…

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New puppy owner here again! I just got a Jack Russell x Shitzu puppy about 2 weeks ago. He’s now 9 weeks going on 10! (He’s doing well besides trying to teach him bite inhibition😩 hehe) This is my first pet in general so I’m always worried about something and this community has helped me a lot— when I first got him I crate trained first. He loves his crate and he was really great at telling me he needed to use the bathroom the first few days we were together. (He’d whine/cry) now after the second week of being together he doesn’t let me know if he needs to use the bathroom! Granted, the first few days/week we used potty pads, so now we are transitioning to potty outside. He won’t use the restroom in his crate thankfully, but he doesn’t cry or whine like before unless he REALLY has to go. I always time when he uses the bathroom and when I try to take him out during the night he doesn’t want to go! I even try picking him up and he just won’t let me (and he usually doesn’t mind) When we first began transitioning to potty outside I took about 2-3 trips during the early morning. Midnight-1am, then 3-4am, then 6am-ish and then we’d have breakfast. Last night he urinated around 10:30pm and didn’t want to go back out at 12:30am! Or the following hours. I’m not sure if he’s holding it so I won’t be bothered. Another thing that might be worth pointing out is- he will wake up throughout the night but to play with his toys in his crate. No whining/crying and when I try to say “bathroom” or grab his leash he just looks away or even turns away! Should I just take him anyway? Any advice? I’m already worried he might get a UTI.

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