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I just got an 11 week old male French bulldog puppy. He's very sweet natured and really settling in well. I also have an older (f) pit bull/ staffy and a (m) boxer/lab mix, ages 9 and 11 respectively. Our pit, Birdie is not loving the new puppy. She does have resource guarding behaviors at times. She can be really sweet with other dogs but she needs a lot of warm up time. We are giving her plenty of space with the new puppy. She can come sniff him inside his pen, when he is roaming in the kitchen through a baby gate and if we are holding him and she is nearby. We do not let him approach her at all and we are giving her lots of positive praise and pets for any positive interaction. She is not very food motivated and even if she was, she guards treats and toys so we are trying to use other rewards to prevent any guarding behavior.

My big question is, when will we know that she is ready for us to make a baby step forward in meeting him? We do not want to rush anything and are totally fine with this introduction taking weeks or even months because at the end we want them to be friendly towards each other and for our house to be a peaceful place! I just wonder how to know and also what precautions others have used when introducing a larger dog to a smaller puppy.

Some things we were definitely planning on were:

to make sure there were always 2 people in the room

to never scold or tell her "no" for any warning growls (but to also recognize that immediately as a warning that we moved too fast and to end the session)

keeping the greeting sessions very short 30 seconds to a minute at first so that we can hopefully end on a positive note every time

Having something to separate them with, like a board to give her space very quickly.

Is there anything else? Should we offer her a treat after the session is over? During feels too risky given her resource guarding. It's not terrible and she only does it noticeably (to us) sometimes. She's not aggressive and would scare and slobber on him rather than try to hurt him, but the size difference is risky and we don't ever want it to get to that point regardless. Thanks!

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