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Hi all- I just got a new puppy. It’s only day 2 and I’m extremely overwhelmed and on the verge of tears.

The puppy will not stop whining and barking when he gets put in his crate and it goes on for so long. He didn’t sleep for more then 2 hours his first night and the second anyone walks by he would start up the whining and barking again. I’m starting to ignore it but it just keeps on going.

I’m tired and it’s only day 2, the puppy barely naps or sleeps and because of that I can’t even go shower or sleep myself.

I’m at my parents house with this puppy right now but I’m not sure what to do about the whining and barking when I move to my smaller apartment in a week with the other tenants and roommates.

I know this is normal and it’s to be expected but I’m second guessing my decision to get this puppy so hard right now and just so…irritated.

Any advice?

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