New dog showing separation anxiety

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Hey guys!

I just adopted a precious 1 and a half year old poodle mix this Monday and he’s having some trouble adjusting. His last owners said they got him a month ago which makes this his third home this year moving. Since he’s gotten here he’s been a bit anxious and nervous, and he’s imprinted on me specifically out of the other 2 people in the house. He follows me everywhere by my side and while I don’t mind, my roommates are upset that when I’m gone he howls and barks until I come back. He also paces.

From what I understand he may be doing this because he just got here and I’ve been reassuring my roommates that most likely as he gets adjusted he’ll be more confident and able to be on his own. But I just wanted to double check if this was normal behavior for a new dog or if it’s something to be concerned about.

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