New 9 week old Aussie has separation issues

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We've had him for a out a week. We're in the process of crate training him and he will whine and bark when we're right next to him (even though he doesn't mind the crate itself, he will go in of his own accord). This is worst when we take him out in the middle of the night (we carry him in and out) – he won't go back to sleep, and just whines/barks at us. We try to ignore him when he's barking and praise him during moments of quiet but the cycles just continues and we get no sleep. We have close neighbors so barking during the night is a real problem.

This extends to during the day – we have a baby gate set up in the hallway to keep him from following us around the house and when one of us leaves he will bark and whine at the gate. I've read that we may be giving him too much attention during the day. Is this true? And is there a good way to train him out of crate barking? I feel like we're doing the right things but we aren't seeing results and our (and probably our neighbor's) fuses are starting to run short from lack of sleep. We know we have a high-energy puppy and we have spent plenty of time every day tiring him out, he usually tries to go to sleep early in the evening before we go to bed. He goes to sleep initially just fine but is always hyper after we take him pee during the night.

We have to be doing something wrong here, so any help is greatly appreciated

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