New 6mo french/english bulldog, looking for any and all tips!

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here, and seeing as how me and my girlfriend just got our first dog together yesterday, it seems like the perfect time!

My family has had dogs before, and I have cared for them alone for extended periods of time, but never from when they were as small as this dog now is.

We got Franz, a mix of French and English bulldog, from what seemed like a perfectly loving family where both mommy and daddy dog lived very close by and they spent a lot of time together with both other dogs as kids.

The dog is great, loving and really seems to have taken to us, and since he is 6 months old he is fairly well behaved, but not really used to going out for walks at all, since his old family mostly only let him run around in the garden.

Obviously we have looked up all the things we need to properly care for a dog, I am mostly thinking of general, good to know, first time tips and tricks to be aware of and use when raising your very first dog. How to help him becoming fully house trained (He has only peed indoors since we got him yesterday) and similar strategies.
All help is most appreciated!

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