Never had any issues with my female Doberman up until my brother came home with a Saint Bernard. Please help

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So I’ve had my Doberman for 8 months, she’s a year old now and about a month ago she was perfectly fine full of joy, trained, would always listen sharp whenever I gave her demands. About a month ago around early May my brother came home with a Saint Bernard and shes 6 months. All of sudden drastic changes started happening by the first week they both started living together. The Saint Bernard is a derp and loves to play but my dog started acting differently. I would notice she sometimes wouldn’t eat more food, she would bully the Saint Bernard, look a little under the weather. That was the first week and now Late April she started doing A LOT of random whimpering trotting around as if she’s looking for something or somewhere to go. I bought her a squeaky dog bone and she always bites it, trota around and cries/wimpers while finding a place to go. I find it very weird and I’m asking if there’s anything I can do to fix it and what exactly is the issue. Side note : she has a bed but one day the Saint Bernard chewed it up.

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