Needy puppy, won’t settle down

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We just recently brought home a 14 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He's a sweet dog, gentle and always wanting to snuggle.

Our biggest problem is that he gets highly upset when left alone at all, even if he is in his puppy pen and we're in the same room. He doesn't play with toys by himself, or seem motivated by them in any way. We've tried kongs and a variety of other chew or enrichment toys, but he's not that interested. Even when you play with him, he would rather be in your lap. If we are not paying attention to him, he's whining and pacing.

He also cries and barks when he's in his crate for naptime and especially at night. We're getting worried as we head into the work week. Even though my partner works from home, he has to take calls sometimes and we would like the puppy to be in a state where he's contentedly playing by himself or napping during those brief moments.

Any help is so, so appreciated!

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