Needle teeth making me have a mental break down.

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I have an 11 week old Corgi baby. She is the cutest thing but she bites, hard. Idk if this should be puppy blues or biting but I need help.

She has punctured my skin many times and ripped holes in my pants/shirt/gloves.

I am 90% positive she just wants to play. But the other day she bit my neck when I was holding her. I almost dropped her. All I did was pick her up to take her up the stairs. She didn't growl or yip, she didn't wine, just straight up chomped on my neck.

I have had several dogs in the past but never once have I had one bite me constantly. So I don't know if she's playing or if she is really biting.

I try to teach her to lick not to bite, and I am trying to train her on being genital when it comes to playing. When she does bite I'll tell her no and put a toy in her face. I do the same when I take away something from her like a blanket or my shoe.

My parents smack their dogs when they do something bad and I really don't want to resort to hitting my pup, but she bites so much and it hurts! Her needle teeth are terrible! She nipped and bit at my feet so much, It got to a point where I put her in her crate and just cried.

What can I do to make her stop biting me? I don't even care at this point about the holes in my clothes I just want her to stop biting!

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