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I adopted my dog Sasha in late 2018 from a shelter in Toronto as a stray. It was clear right away she had been abused, she immediately took a disliking to any large men.

When we first got her she was great, she got along well with our other dog, she got along fine with other people but over time things changed…

She no longer tolerates anyone outside of my family. She barks and lunges at other dogs. I've come to the conclusion with my vet whos amazing that she deffinetly has anxiety issues combined with fear based agression, and we guesstimate she was taken from her litter too soon as her socialization skills are quite poor.

Her and our other dog Riley also used to get into a fair amount of squabbles however its mostly stopped, they haven't had an incident since March, but today out of the blue she just went after him. I was in another room so didn't see but she had him by the collar and would NOT let go, I was petrified, I didn't think I was gonna get her off.

I'm filled with anxiety I love my girl to death, shes had a rough life but shes SOOO full of love, you'd swear she wants nothing more than to show you just how much she loves you.

I'm taking her to a place 2hrs away that specializes in dog agression, infact part of what they do is train police dogs. Its gonna cost $5k but i'm out of options, I need to know I did EVERYTHING in my power to give her the best chance at life before i'm forced to make a decision I would rather not think about.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I need my girl, she got my through the roughest part of my life and I need to do the same for her…

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