Need some guidance with my younger dog who seems to be getting more aggressive to other dogs

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TLDR: dog initially appears friendly to other dogs but then shortly tries to lunge at them. He is extremely nice to my other dog though. Looking for advice, books that can maybe help, recommended YouTube videos for this matter

A little bit of background information: So I live in an apartment with 2 dogs (Luna and Apollo). I adopted Luna last year and she has been doing great. I adopted Apollo about 2 months ago so Luna can have a friend while I am gone from home because Luna appeared to enjoy the company of other dogs. This upcoming July, I am starting a new job so my life will get a lot busier and I won’t be home as much.

Apollo appears to be an Australian Shepherd mix and is neutered. There wasn’t much information about him when I adopted him. The shelter said his age range was between 2-7. His surgery to either him was the day before I picked him up. If I were to guess, he would be on the younger side. I personally tell people he is 2.

To preface: Apollo and Luna get along extremely well. They often play at home and run around when I go to my parent’s house which has a yard.

My main concern is whenever Apollo meets a new dog. I’m a not an expert but whenever he sees another dog, Apollo wants to interact with that dog. He pulls the leash and whines to get closer. My friend brought came over my apartment with her dog and he did the same thing. He whines and tries pulling to meet my friend’s dog. He didn’t try to bite and only barked when I tried to keep him in one spot.

When they got closer, both of them were sniffing each other like what most dogs do. But then after a couple of sniffs in Apollo lunges at my friend’s dog and tried to bite him. I am not sure if it was a male dominance thing or territorial thing since they met in the apartment.

But the same thing happened again a couple of days ago when I went to take him on a walk. Lately it’s been a bit more tough to take both Luna and Apollo on a walk at the same time since as soon as Apollo sees another dog, he gets excited. So I have been walking them separately. Anyways, so we run into a neighbor who was walking her dog and Apollo has met them both before and has had no problems with my neighbor’s dog. He sees them and tries to pull and whines when I hold him back. They do their initial thing with sniffing at each other. And then the same thing happens. A couple of sniffs in, Apollo barks and tries to lunge at my neighbor’s dog. This has happened other times too, with similar settings and with other dogs who he previously had no other problems with.

I want him to be able to interact with other dogs. He looks like he wants to play. He doesn’t appear nervous before getting relatively close to these other dogs. I don’t know what triggers his reactions.

Whenever he sees another dog, he ignores me more and I have to remove him from the distraction a considerable distance before he listens to me again. I am trying to improve in that.

I just bought a muzzle for him and am about to purchase a dog clicker to maybe help with training. I tried looking up YouTube videos regarding aggressive dogs. I was thinking most of these don’t really pertain to Apollo just because he doesn’t appear anxious or intimidated during the initial meeting (though feel free to correct me if I am wrong). What else is there for me to do? Are there any book recommendations or other YouTube videos available? I was thinking of looking for a dog trainer for him. But with this whole COVID situation it might be a bit difficult in the mean time.

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