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My new Corgi puppy. Hes been home for about 4 days now and hes doing well. Hes 8 weeks old. Hes doing better than the first few days. First days in his exercise pen was rough. If I had left the room or sight he would cry or freak out which I ignore until hes quiet again. Now he doesn't. If I put him in his pen and leave the room he usually is fully okay. He usually just starts playing with toys or naps if I leave the room. He still cries and barks occasionally at night when I'm's usually not more than for about 10 minutes at a time. Probably no more than an hour to an hour and half per night compared to first two nights which was like 4-5 hours. So hes making good progress there. My main concern is this. I have pads in his exercise pen and around the house when hes playing and walking around. He instinctively starting using the pads. He uses the pad 90% of the time unless he cant find one in time. However I want to transition him into going outside however I take him outside every two hours and he just has no interest in going outside. At first he just wouldn't go on the grass. He would play in it but wouldn't go to the bathroom. So the next time I tried putting a pad on the grass because I was told that can help from my one of my friends but he does not notice the pad or when I put him on it he does not care about now. Fast forward a day or two. He is now totally scared of the grass or does not want anything to do with it. I have a patio in the backyard and he does not want to leave the patio area. I'll walk into the grass and try to get him to come play in the grass and he won't. I even tried picking him up and he walks around for about 5-10 seconds and proceeds to go back to the patio section. At this point I'm not sure what to do. I want him to use the outside. We have a doggy door from our previous dogs but hes not quite strong enough or big enough to use it yet. Hes about 7 pounds. Any advice on how to get to go on the grass? He hasn't gone to the bathroom outside even once since I brought him home. Only pads..

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