Need Help with Leash Walking – 6 month corgi

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Our dog is well behaved inside, knows the basic commands and generally will listen to them outside as well (she is easily distracted).

However, she wants to sniff and eat everything when we are outside on the leash. We live in NYC and there are some questionable things on the sidewalk. She recently got very sick from picking something off the ground and had to be hospitalized.

We were somewhat nonchalant about the leash walking but since this incident are prepared to get pretty serious about making sure she is well trained on the leash.

The two main problems are:

1) she doesn't walk next to us, she understands "heel" and will come to our side but doesn't understand that that means we want to keep walking and instead will sit or stand in the last spot where you were until you say "heel" again to get her to come to you. Are we doing something wrong?

2) she knows the "leave it" command means we want her to drop whatever she has in her mouth, but is extremely selective about it outside. However, she still insists on sniffing and licking everything in site and it is extremely start and stop on every walk.

We have recently gotten her a muzzle so she can't pick things up off the sidewalk (and get sick again) while we try and work on her behavior but understand this is just a short term solution to a larger problem.

We just want her to walk next to us at a reasonable pace and not sniff something every 2 feet. Any advice?

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