Need help with dog’s random aggressive behavior.

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A little background for context: I am one member of a four person family who currently are owners of a 4 year old female Welsh Terrier named Lucy. Most days she is an absolute bundle of joy and one of the cutest and loving dogs. The main issue is she is prone to being pretty aggressive. The aggression is generally when someone is trying to go near her food or if you touch around her mouth unexpectedly. However the main instance that is causing me to make this post is what happened tonight at dinner.

My mother and I were the only ones home tonight in my family and she cooked me dinner (she said she would eat later). There were thunderstorms outside which Lucy is generally pretty afraid of so she was under the dinner table and I was giving her some pets while I ate. My dog absolutely loves broccoli and we generally give her a little bit most nights and tonight was no different. There was a bowl of broccoli sitting on the table that she noticed as she peeked her head out from under the table. My mom came over to check out what Lucy was doing and went to pet her which resulted in Lucy staring at her and baring her teeth (a pretty normal reaction from her that we generally don’t mind because we take it as a warning). The next part is where things really fell apart.

My mom backed up after Lucy began growling and usually that will calm Lucy down. Tonight for some reason, when my mom backed up, Lucy became more aggressive and started snarling louder than before and opened her mouth and continued baring her teeth. Lucy then started going “Kujo” and chased after my mom trying to bite her the whole time. I got up and loudly shouted at Lucy whilst keeping myself in between her and my mom. It took a minute, but eventually Lucy submitted to me and followed me, down to the basement where I am currently sitting with her. I need advice on what I can do to modify this behavior because what she did is absolutely unacceptable. The only people she seems to listen to are me and my dad and even sometimes not either of us. I imagine she was stressed from the storm going on but the fact that she not only attempted to bite my mom but then pursued after her when my mom ran away has me terrified of what she will do if we don’t fix her behavior. I can answer any questions that people may have but any responses or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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