Need help with biting 10 week old lab puppy. SOS.

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Hey everyone.

So, I got my puppy two weeks ago. He's a lab mix, according to the vet, and mostly looks like a yellow lab. He's healthy and twenty hours of the day, he's absolutely fine. He's learning commands, slowly getting better with house training, and his crate's just arrived a few days ago so we're getting him used to it (Amazon has just started delivering where I am).

But… I cannot control his biting when he gets into one of his moods (I don't know what exactly to call the hour or so that he just goes crazy). In his 9th week, he was okay. I tried doing the 'ouch' and then reverse timeout thing along with distracting him with toys. It worked to an extent. I also starting to train him to touch my hand with his snout gently, which he was doing okay at. This week, everything seems like it's gone to absolute hell.

I say ouch, he just bites harder and starts to growl, and then bite harder. He's drawn blood probably dozens of times. I get up for reverse timeout, he grabs onto my shirt or my trackpants, again growling. I have holes in multiple shirts and pants. The only thing that dissuades him, and that too sometimes, is treats.

I don't know if his early development (first few weeks) has something to do with this behavior. I actually adopted him after finding out about his litter through one of my dad's friends. The puppy's mom was stolen when the litter was around five weeks old, and the owner was having a difficult time taking care of six puppies during the quarantine. By the time I got him, at eight weeks, there was only my puppy and another one left.

So yeah, he's biting like crazy and I'm losing blood. Any and all advice would be appreciated.

Edit: I've also been giving him frozen carrot and little bits of frozen pineapple to help with the teething.

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