Need Help! Terrier Mix won’t stop barking at night

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We adopted a terrier mix who is now about 8months old. For the first 3ish months we had her she loved her crate. Would go straight in and wouldnt make a peep until we let her out in the morning. For the past month she has been a terror. She stopped going in with ease and will constantly bark while in there.

I think we messed up by reinforcing the behavior by allowing her out when she barked and letting her sleep in the bed a few times. I think that it is mostly due to separation anxiety as we take her for multiple walks a day and generally she is sleeping spundly in the living room when we bring her up to sleep.

I'm writing this at 4am since she has barked incessantly for the last 4 hours. Im worried that I'm scarring her from letting her bark so long but I don't want to reinforce the behavior.

We tried crate games to help her go in willingly but those don't seem to work anymore. Its like somehow she one day she just decided she was done with the crate. I would be alright with letting her sleep with us but she is still chewing and can't be fully trusted on her own.

How long should I let her bark for? Why has she suddenly started acting this way? Any advice helps. Im at my wits end

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