Need help getting our new dog to go to the bathroom on a leash.

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I adopted a 7-month old blue tick hound from a couple yesterday. She is very sweet and knows plenty of commands, she even has a bell that she rings to let you know when she has to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, she's used to going to the bathroom in a fenced backyard. I am moving into a new place in a month that will have that, but for now I have an unfenced front yard.

Last night we took her on a long walk after bringing her home, even let her off the leash for a while, then she peed on the carpet right when we got home. She had 2 accidents this morning (1&2) after being let out multiple times. I then took her on an hour-long hike, mostly off-leash, peed again right after getting home.

We have a long leash so the plan was to sit out on the lawn and let her roam for as long as she needs, but we have thunderstorms and rain for the next two days. Any tips to help remedy this?

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