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I own 2 dogs:

Lucie , 5 month old doberman , girl

Mitz , 7yr old crossbreed small dog , girl

I have 3 problems i need advice on.

Mitz is a very agressive dog , whenever i try pick her up in her sleep (talking to her) she growls and shows teeth

Lucie is a baby pup, shes very playful.

Lucie will stay by my side walking down a path then whenever i turn around she trys to dart back to the car and i shout her back (dont chase her) shes turns back down the route and comes back to me again and i dont tell her off or anything just ignore her. Help?

2.Lucie trys to play with mitz and often nips her, mitz responds and they fight all the time . Mitz sometimes starts the fights sometimes lucie. Help?

When playing with lucie my mum got nipped on the ear and she got told off , ive been letting lucie lick my ear when she goes in a playfull moodand this seems to be working but whenever i run around my house she nips my clothes often ripping them and i time her out or tell her off help? submitted by /u/ArrivaRUR
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