Need advice on helping my nervous girl to overcome some of her fears

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I adopted my girl–a pit/hound mix?– last July from my local pound; she was estimated at 11 months old and picked up as a stray. I love her to bits and she is just the best dog, super sweet and smart. She loves her daily walks and she has picked up all her training with ease.

However, she is also terrified of most unfamiliar objects and situations. If I or anyone else has any kind of unfamiliar non-food item in their hand, she slinks away or even outright flees. So I haven't been able to consistently clip her nails, brush her teeth, or even just use a small soft-bristle brush on her. Totally my own fault for not prioritizing conditioning her to this stuff; could I get some tips on how to do this and how to judge the pace she needs to go at?

Her other biggest fear, which has been even more of an issue, is that she occasionally is PETRIFIED of going out in the yard to do her business at night, especially when it's raining. I have tried every combo of going out with her, putting her out and watching from the door, going out for a few minutes then going back out 20-30 minutes later to try again, turning my back and waiting silently, luring with treats/toys…carrying her out to the yard when I lose my patience (yeah, I know 🤦‍♀️). When she is in that fearful mindset (not sure if she is scared of the dark or the rain or possibly just getting her prissy little feet dirty lol), she's just not doing it. I try to take her for evening walks when I know it's going to rain as she strangely doesn't mind walking in the rain, but it doesn't always work out that way. And this fear seems to strike her randomly; sometimes she goes right out, no hesitation, does her business and comes right back in, easy-peasy. Any advice on this one??

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