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Hi everyone. My girlfriend and I recently adopted a JRT / Chihuahua mix from a shelter in San Francisco. Our dog (Riley) didn't have a lot of history about her, and we need some advice house training her now. We've had her for about a week now.

I've read dozens of posts online and from this subreddit now: we understand the necessity of using high value treats, being patient, and doing incremental training — but the biggest problem with Riley is that it's clear she's not a city dog.

We live in one of the quieter SF neighborhoods, but even still there are people walking around with other dogs, and some cars that drive by. It seems that when we take her outside, even to an alleyway that is very close to our apartment, she shivers a lot and doesn't even smell anything or leave our side, let alone poop / pee.

Should we keep taking her outside? It's clear we're pushing her outside her comfort zone, but of course we want her to use the bathroom outside and not inside. So far we have tried giving her treats, using some CBD oil, and holding her when she is outside to soothe her.

Advice is greatly, greatly appreciated.

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