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Hi, it’s me again.

So my sister and her family adopted a puppy a little over a month ago. For the first two weeks while my sister was able to be home she had a great schedule but then my sister had to go back to work and the responsibility fell on me and my older nephew.

He is home with her in the morning before his classes start which is when I come pick her up. So around 10:30/11. I bring her to my house where she plays with my 7 y/o dog. My concern is she doesn’t take a nap at my house and she is here till 5pm. I’ve bought her a bed which she loves to lay in but won’t sleep in.

Am I hurting her by not forcing naps? Should I take her back to my sisters house and put her in her crate for a nap? I try not to be there too long because my nephew is doing online schooling but am I not being fair to the puppy? Please help I’m overthinking everything.

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