Nap schedule when they start getting older?

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I did my research but now I have a pup, I’m only a week in and find myself with so many new questions! I’m currently implementing the 1 hour up 2 hours down schedule, after an hour has passed and he has pee’d I’ll put him in his crate, and he’ll sleep on and off (he tends to open his eyes at noise/people coming and going but go straight back to sleep after) for about 2 hours. Sometimes it’s 1.5 hours up 1.5 down but it’s generally 1 up 2 down.

It’s incredible and literally a game changer as he’s a border collie so without the enforced crate naps he would 100% force himself to stay awake and turn into an overtired nuisance. He’s only 9 weeks right now so I’m not worried yet, but I was just wondering when this schedule should change? As I know when they grow they sleep less than when they’re tiny puppies, but at what age should I let him up more/sleep less and what kind of schedule would I follow longer-term? Thanks!

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