My puppy’s sister is biting my younger brother at my mom’s

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We got two puppies from a dog breeder – one of them went to my mom, the puppy that went to my mom is going untrained because my step dad does not watch it for the 2 days he is home and is out of town for 5 days a week and my mom works third and can't watch it during the day so my little brother and grandma with arthritis and gout has to watch it.

How would I make short training sessions effective in preventing the puppy from biting my younger brother, I'm not there to stop it due to living on my own with my own son & wifey.

My puppy from the same liter does not have these biting issues because she is trained with treats to sit and stay and only bite toys, they stayed with their mom and dad and other littermates for 8 weeks.

Any help would be appreciated including whether you guys think rehoming the 2nd puppy is a better idea.

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