My puppy’s biting is progressing and I’m confident he’s asserted himself as the alpha

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This is a combo of asking about biting and also behavior.

My puppy is a newly-eleven-week old border collie/pitbull mix. I’ve been doing basic training with him in my backyard daily, since he can’t go outside due to not having his second round of shots, which are coming up soon. He’s been at my house for almost two weeks (tomorrow marks the official second week). I am a new dog owner and everything about this is new to me; regardless of how much research you do, having a dog in person and living it is always new.

As the weeks have progressed I’ve noticed his biting has gotten worse, to the point that in my opinion as a novice, it goes beyond just simple puppy biting.

After breakfast, after he eats, you can’t pet him much before he lunges for your hand. the biting sometimes is simple mouthing, but when he’s in his intense moods, the biting is hard and it hurts. When we reprimand him, no matter what the reprimanding word is (we’re still trying to find one thing that works which we can be consistent with, which is one of our problems) he actually starts to bite down harder.

This week he’s started lunging at us and jumping up when we reprimand him for biting us too hard. He’ll then start low growling and full on barking when we tell him “no!” to biting. I’ve tried rewarding him when he licks me and still am doing this but the biting still is aggressive and I can feel his defiance when we tell him no. Today I asked him to get down from the sofa, a command which he knows because he follows through with it normally, and he turned his back to me and then started barking at my hand and then started for a lunge towards my hand. I know he still needs time to adjust to the environment and things, but I’m feeling like the issue is that he’s asserted himself as the alpha, and I need to work towards placing myself at the forefront.

I’ve done researching and have been trying the following things: making sure I’m first in and out of entryways and doorways / eating first in front of him / making him wait for his food before he lunges to eat

I will admit that the biting has left me so frustrated I’ve lost my cool with him and smacked him on the butt today. I felt awful because I understand the issue here is me and that my anger/frustration is doing absolutely nothing for either of us. I enlisted the assistance of some local trainers and am waiting back for a quote for an assessment. I need help learning how to train him at this point.

I understand that this mix of dog is very hyperactive and needs mental engagement. I exercise him appropriately daily and also have puzzle games and do basic training, but the biting is round the clock. I go through the list of what folks have posted here: a biting puppy could be overtired, thirsty, hungry, or bored. And regardless of what’s going on, he’s ready to bite. That, and I also notice that 7/10 times he ignores my commands completely.

Anyway — I feel like my puppy definitely has a dominant and independent personality, and I really need help working on how to maneuver this, and quickly, because the older he gets the more the gap for correction closes.

I’ve genuinely already cried from feeling overwhelmed and upset about the behavior. Sorry if that sounds goofy, but I’m being really honest here.

Has anyone had a puppy with a personality like this or experienced these issues? I am open to any constructive tips or feedback here and appreciate anyone who reads this.

TLDR; my puppy is doing excessive biting that leads me to believe he might be asserting himself as the alpha in the home and I need to train myself to in turn train him to fall back so I can take the lead, and I need tips/feedback/to read if anyone has similar experiences

EDIT: I have been explained to that the alpha stuff is junk science, apologies for using it as a catch-all for what’s going on with my dog. I’m learning everyday and wanna thank the redditor who raised that point to me so now I know!

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