My puppy won’t stop whining

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My 15 week old puppy will NOT stop whining, and it seems to be for no apparent reason. I will just be doing something random and he just starts whining. I pet him, he stops, I stop petting him, he continues on to whine. Is this some thing that he wants attention or something? I pay attention to him as much as possible and I just don’t know whats wrong with him. This behavior just started up this week. He also barks at me sometimes when I try to make him go potty or when I say, “No…”. He seems to have an attitude when he doesn’t want to do something. I just don’t get it, because this behavior just recently started. He used to whine only when he needed/wanted something, now its just for no reason. Should I stop petting him when he whines? Should I ignore him? What do I do?

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