My puppy loves making friends. He’s learnt that going up to groups he doesn’t know isn’t ok, instead he sits 2m away waiting/hoping to be invited over. I think its a fantastic solution he’s found, but very occasionally someone freaks out at a small friendly dog sitting 3m away. Should i stop him?

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He's about the least threatening looking dog you could imagine, and i want to say its their issue as he's acting entirely respectfully and reasonably when off the lead. He looks for smiles and being invited over, and also looks back to me to see if i'll tell him its ok.

In the places this occurs dogs are allowed off-lead, although most public spaces in our country don't have a specific rule. I totally understand some people have phobias of dogs, and i think three times now some people have reacted badly. Dogs are very common in the areas we are walking, but i guess there are some people who really dislike a dog getting that close and looking at them, even if he is smiling, sitting and wagging his tail patiently.

Should i tell him not to do this at the expense of his friendly nature towards new people, which i adore and lots of others in the spaces we walk do too (..he's made himself something of a celebrity)

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