My puppy keeps randomly attacking my family.

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Hey guys. I recently got a Jack Russell Terrier and she is the sweetest thing (most of the time). She's about to turn 4 months old soon. She gets mildly aggressive, in that she wants attention so she'll bite to get it). She also just bites for no reason. It's not with me at all, most of her bites with me are soft. It's generally with my mom. She'll bite her shoes, grab on to the end of her pants or dress, but mostly hands. She's broken skin a couple times, nothing serious just minor scratches. It's totally unprovoked, and she sometimes growls when doing it (even though my mom hasn't done anything to her). I've tried redirection, and giving her a timeout and withholding play. She'll stop for the moment, but after 10 minutes she'll be back to the same behaviour. Any advice on how I can stop that behaviour?

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