my puppy is the next Houdini

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when i first got my pup, he did not like his crate one bit. however, as we had upgraded him to a wired crate and then eventually a soft one, he loves it! he sleep in there during naps and just enjoys having his alone time. so it came as a surprise to me when i came home the one day with his crate (the soft crate) unzipped completely with him just looking at me like “i’ve been waiting for you!” i feel like i’m losing my mind! did i not zip it up all the way? how did he escape? so the next day when i left, i did the same thing and zipped him into the crate. and again, when i come home, he’s simply sitting there waiting for me. nothing is chewed up. he didn’t get into everything. but how in the world is he getting out of this crate?!

so today, i simply zipped up his crate when i was in my room with him and hoped that he’d try and escape. and i watched him somehow bite the zipper and tug at the flap of the door until he fully unzipped it! i can’t believe it! he fully got the door open in about 5 minutes. so lesson learned, i will try and do different zipper placements or if that doesn’t work switch him back to his old latched crate.

i just thought i’d share this because i couldn’t stop laughing at how insane this was!

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