My puppy is being aggressive because he stays inside too much!

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My puppy is 4.5 months now. I’m in California, so my vet recommended me to give my puppy his last shot including rabies when he was 15 or 16 weeks old. I also want to take him for a walk because he really loves outside! However, on the date of his vaccination, he was coughing a lot, so my vet told me that he couldn’t get his vaccines if he wasn't well. My puppy must have his rabies vaccine if he wants to go outside of the house.

He stays at home too much, and now he is being very aggressive. He bites everywhere in the house, he also bites me and breaks my skin, which makes me feel uncomfortable because he hasn't chewed or nipped or bitten so hard like this before.

I know he needs to exercise, so I buy a lot of toys for him. Sometimes he plays a lot, and sometimes he just lies there and sighs. Whenever I open my front door, he will run to me like lightning. I know he wants to go outside, and I do want to take him for a walk too. I also don't want his bitting to get worse just because of being kept in the house for a long time. But I can’t.

Is there anything I can do for him now? Because he doesn't cough much now (he is taking his medicine), but he stills coughs one or two times a day (he used to cough 4-5 times a day before). I don't think he will be able to go outside until next month.

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