My puppy has learnt to bark at everything from my parent’s dog

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My puppy, Jack-Chi-Pom, was never much of a barker unless he was startled by someone or something. I stayed with my dad for 4 days, and bless him he just followed his dog around like a little brother the whole time. Unfortunately, my dad's dog barks constantly – not just the postman, but a bird on the fence, voices in the distance – it's really annoying.

I returned with my little boy and now he's doing the same 🙁

Although, he didn't bark at the delivery man today, which is something I guess.

But he goes nuts at the cats that often walk along our fence.

He understands when I say "go inside" when he barks, and he will go quiet because he doesn't want to. Then he sulks and makes gruff sounds, and eventually escalates back to barking again. When he does, then I take him inside. When he is quiet I will bring him out again and treat him for being quiet.

Is that right?

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