My puppy got attacked by another dog

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Today I took my 5 m.o. American Bully puppy to the dog park and he got attacked by another dog.

I was in the fenced area when my puppy was playing with another dog, it was only them two in the fenced area when a shiba inu off leash approached the gate, the two dogs went to greet him and I heard some growling from one of them. This little girl probably 5 or 6 years old got close and ask if she could pet them and I said out loud she shouldn’t because there was a dog growling and it could be dangerous. I knew it was the shiba but I said it out loud to see if the owner would take action. The owner just said “oh, don’t growl “dogs name”, can’t remember. I decided it was best to leave because I noticed the guy was clueless, leashed my dog and left the fenced area. The guy proceeded to enter the fenced area with his dog and a fight with another dog that came in started to happen just as they entered. My puppy didn’t want to leave, he was having fun and wasn’t tired so I just let him sniff the ground for a little bit. After the squabble in the fenced area the owner of the shiba took him out but still unleashed and his dog came in the direction of my dog, when my pup turned around to sniff him the shiba attacked. My pup was terrified, whining really loud and wasn’t fight back, I was trying to get my pup away from him but the shiba’s owner wasn’t really doing much, I was trying to pull my dog away but the shiba kept going at him. Luckily he was wearing a shirt and learned to keep his head down to avoid being swatted by my cats.

When I finally managed to carry my puppy away I stopped to check the damage and calm him down. The shiba’s owner came over to check on us and in the mean time he didn’t leash his dog. While we were talking the owners of another dog were screaming at the guy to come get his dog because he was attacking again!

Mu puppy was really scared and it was a traumatizing experience for both of us. I’m concerned my dog will become reactive and fearful/aggressive towards other dogs because of this experience. He wasn’t badly hurt, his ear got bitten, kinda look like a scratch but it’s taken care of, I’m just worried about the psychological effects of this bad experience.

Is there anything I can do to make it better? My puppy love other dogs but maybe it would be best to avoid interactions? I really don’t know what to do. I was trying my best to socialize him and then this awful thing happened.

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