My puppy goes to daycare for the first time tomorrow and I’m really scared.

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So my 5 month Jack Russel will be attending daycare for the first time tomorrow as I’m back at college and my mum is back at work after corona.

She will be going to an in home daycare with a friend of my mums.

She loves all people and likes dogs but can be nervous and defensive when first meeting new dogs. Luckily, the only dogs their tomorrow will be her own 3 who are all small and older.

I’m so nervous, she’s never stayed anywhere that isn’t home and I’m terrified she’s going to hate it.

She’s getting picked up at 8:45 tomorrow and I’ll pick her up at 4.

It’ll also be the longest she’s been separated from my two older dogs. They are fine to stay at home and my mum comes in to see them in her lunch breach. Neither can go to a daycare as one is dog reactive and the other is very anxious.

I’m hoping it’ll do my pup good to spend time with a different group of dogs and I know she’ll be in good hands but I’m still very nervous that it won’t go well.

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