My puppy gets very anxious when I carry him outside. How do I respond?

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We just got our 9-week-old Havanese puppy three days ago. Overall, things are going great. He's learning potty and crate training nicely, and sleeping through the night.

We're also really focused on socializing him, and our best chance is to carry him outside to walk around the neighborhood. (We live in the middle of SF, so there's nowhere we can safely put him down.)

So far, the three times we've carried him outside, he has become visibly nervous, shaking, yawning, and a bit of whining. The city has a lot of new noises and smells to him. I'm nervous that I'm pushing him too hard and that he's creating a negative association with going outside.

We've considered:

Giving him treats as we approach outside, but he's too nervous to take them. Letting him walk outside himself, but he can't stand on the ground by himself since he's not yet vaccinated. Soothing him with a calm voice, saying things like "You're a good boy," but we've heard this only reinforces the anxiety. I've heard that asking him to do basic tricks helps keep him focused, but he can't do those if we're carrying him. Taking a step back and only taking him out to, say, the hallway and back again until he's comfortable with that. I just worry that would really slow down his socialization.

Any tips?

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