My puppy doesn’t cry in the crate and sleeps through the night but everyday is a challenge to get him in

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I have a 15 week old mini australian shepherd. He is very smart and sometimes I think maybe too smart. He is very good in the crate, sleeps through the night for 7 – 8 hours and doesn't cry. The problem is that every night is a challenge to get him in there, at the beginning a treat or toy would get him in there but now he absolutely knows it's time for bed but would still put on a challenge to go in. Like he would be all sleepy and tired but would sit in front of the crate, look at the treat inside or in my hand inside the crate and don't move. He eventually does but it could take 10 minutes to do so.

How can I overcome this? Any tips, ideas, or similar experiences? It's starting to drive me crazy.

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