My puppy barks and bites me in the dog park

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in August I adopted a female puppy, who was rescued along her mom and brothers, she was around 7 weeks at the time when took her home

it took some time but I adjusted to her active behavior and she stays quiet in the afternoon when I'm working (currently from home due to lockdown)

after she got up with her vaccines, I started to take her to the dog park, and everything goes well most of the time

one thing that has me really worried is that, sometimes, when not playing with other dogs, she runs and starts barking at me, loudly and even bites my legs or jeans. I try to calm her with "no!" but doesn't help that much and insists (not to the point of open aggression)

to calm or distract her I pick a stick and redirect her attention to it and tell "sit" and give it to her when she complies

I'm not sure what to do when than happens, today it took more effort to calm her, and it only happens when she runs free in the park… when walking or in my apartment she never does that, I play from time to time when I'm available and she's always by my side inside our place

she's around 1.5ft tall and plays with other dogs without issues most of the time

is that an aggressive behavior? how should I react to her when that happens?

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