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My puppy is about 10 months old now. She's been around the cats since she was 3 months old. Their interactions are strange to me and I wanted to get some clarification. Basically my orange cat will run up to her and rub up on my dog. She'll rub her scent glands, I'm guessing, all over and meow. If my dog tries to sniff her then she gets pissed and hisses and waps her. Sometimes this will make my dog get kind of playful and it looks like she's trying to nip at her. We intervene as soon as this happens.

Today while the orange kitty was laying down, my dog went up to her belly and licked her. We're not sure what to make of this. She does chase the cats occasionally and the cats will run to high ground. They have a lot of places to get to.

Should we be trying to get our dog to entirely ignore the cats? Should we punish her for even sniffing them? I do put her in timeout if I ever see her chase the cats. Her timeout room is the bathroom.

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