My puppy always wants MY food.

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So I recently got an adorable Shiba Inu boy and he’s been great. He’s 11 weeks now and training has been going pretty well. We’re getting commands down, he loves his crate, will lay down for naps, and in general is amazing! That’s not to say everything is a cakewalk though. The most pressing issue with his behavior is that he goes NUTS whenever I’m eating anything. Pizza, sandwich, piece of fruit, a cup of coffee… anything I’m eating, he NEEDS to try it too.

I rarely give in to him of course as there’s so many things that I’ll eat but would hurt him. But occasionally when I would eat “dog safe” fruit, I’d cut him a little piece. I’ve stopped this since, but he now thinks EVERYTHING is for him and it’s driving me crazy. He will bark, jump on me, try to get on the table, anything to get near my food. I’ve been trying to reward his being calm and sitting but it’s so rare that he’ll make that decision that it’s not a reliable way of training.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an aspiring gourmand of a puppy?

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