My puppy (6 mos) growled at me and I’m freaked out

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My 6 month old Corgi puppy has never shown signs of aggression and has always been so sweet, but tonight he growled at me and it has me pretty shaken up. I tried to lie him down on his back on my lap to trim his nails. I have done this since he was 10 weeks old, though admittedly I could have done it more when he was younger to get him more accustomed to it, and the last time I did it was about a month ago. He resisted A LOT this time, turned his head right at me and growled. I was so shaken that I just let him go.

Is this a sign of aggression? Should I be worried about this? I'm freaked out because he's entering adolescence and I'm worried that his personality is changing, or that I've caused him to lose trust in me. Could one incident become a major problem?

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