My pup used to be super loving, but then was brutally attacked by another dog and also got lost for 17 hours.

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My dog used to LOVE other dogs and other people, but ever since she got lost for a whole day and then a week later attacked very very brutally by another dog that got off its leash, she's been terrified of people and dogs. All of this happened while my parents were watching her so I wasn't even able to help. She's not aggressive, but she'll tuck her tail and growl and nip if dogs get too close to her. (Not anything dangerous by any means, just "please get away from me" nipping in the air. no genuine bites)
I've been trying to slowly adjust her to people and dogs again by taking her on lots of walks and praising her when she doesn't react to a dog/person walking near us, but nothing seems to be making her feel any better, and this has severely worsened her already apparent separation anxiety. I just want her to be her happy go lucky self again.

If anyone has any advice or has been through something similar I would much much appreciate it.

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