My pup doesn’t want to eat.

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My pup Enzo is a really picky eater. He is currently on a mix of wet and dry food but every month or so we have to change the kibble because he stops eating it. He’s a yorkie + jack russell so he’s very small and he got sick last year and had to be hospitalised for a night and he lost quite a lot of weigh so since then we have been trying to make sure he eats. He is 11 months old now but he’s had this problem since he was like 4 months. We have given him just dry food, just wet food, a mix (which he is currently on). But nothing works, he’s never excited about food even when he’s hungry. We put chicken or cheese on the food and he will eat that but not his food. The vet said his weigh is ok which is good. He eats treats and biscuits. Any advice would be welcome.

He is also very nervous of his bowl, he stands really far away and stretches to eat from the bowl. He eats better off the floor so sometimes I put his food on the ground. He drinks out of bowls fine. I just don’t know what to do. Thanks!

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