My parent’s dog went after my dog for playing with my sisters new puppy ~

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I was wondering what would have been the cause for my parent’s dog (about 10y/o) to go after my boxer(almost 2y/o) while he was playing and licking my sisters new frenchie puppy(3 months old).

Granted, we are in the older dogs home. Both my boxer and the puppy live in other houses. My boxer and my parent’s dog usually get along great. Both are good tempered, though my boxer can be a little too energetic for her lol. My family dog didn’t seem too keen on the new puppy, and when she saw my boxer laying down and kissing the new puppy, she came out around the corner at full speed and went right to my boxers neck loudly growling and snapping (but not catching any skin). My whole family was shocked that she did this. Don’t worry – I scooped up the puppy real fast and told my parent’s dog to go to her room – which she did. She seemed upset the whole evening after that. Maybe she was jealous that her usually buddy was paying attention to the pup and not her?? I’m not even sure my goofy boxer noticed anything happened 😂 What was the reason behind her aggressive reaction and how do we prevent that from happening again? Thank you in advance!

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