My parents dog barks when hearing trucks.

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My parents dog barks at truck sounds.

I’m not sure how to fix this. He is a 9 year old lab. He can’t see the trucks. He only barks when he hears them and when my dad isn’t home. My dad has a big diesel truck and so I’m thinking he barks because he thinks it’s my dad.

I know this is separation anxiety, however he won’t bark if he doesn’t hear a truck. In fact, he does nothing (this includes when my dad or everyone else isn’t home). He doesn’t chew or tear up the house either. Unfortunately when he was young my parents did not crate train him correctly and now he is terrified of crates, but even if we tried to crate train him again, I’m not sure that would even help.

The issue is that we’ve tried many things and our dog is not treat motivated even if given treats by my dad. He will ignore you if you’re not my dad, so praising him when he doesn’t bark doesn’t work. Then, my dad can’t praise him for obvious reasons.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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