My large dog gets very overexcited and mouthing has become a problem

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I adopted a Rottweiler X (he's on the smaller size for a Rottie X, but still a large dog) about two months ago. For the most part he's great, but we are working through a few issues that crop up when we are outside.

My biggest concern is that he has started mouthing.

He is a very high energy dog and I find that walks alone aren't enough for him to settle. This is fine for me, as I love to run. Sometimes we go for runs on the beach, which he absolutely loves, but the problem is he is fitter than me so I stop before he's "ready". Recently, he has started jumping up and mouthing at me when we stop running.

I am not really afraid of this behaviour as it seems to me he just gets himself so hyper and overexcited and wants to continue playing. I think he lived with a dog previously so he might be trying to play like he would with another dog. However, obviously it is a very concerning behaviour that I want to stop ASAP. It is quite bad, he'll usually jump 10+ times in a row, sort of jumping at me with his mouth open. He doesn't bite but it is still very intimidating.

I have been saying "NO" firmly, crossing my arms and turning my back on him. If it continues I tell him to sit and make him stay there until he calms down, and then we walk on. I find it's almost always followed by ferocious digging, like he's trying to "get out" all his built up energy.

The problem is that it makes me not want to run with him, which then I think makes it worse because when he finally does get to run he gets so excited and he does it, and then the cycle repeats. I'm not sure if it's better to avoid running with him at all and slowly build up (not really sure how I'd do that) or run, allow it to happen, and enforce some kind of consequence if it does (like the turning the back).

Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!

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